Gravity Renewables Expands Operations in Vermont

Newport, VT Gravity Renewables, a leading national owner and operator of small hydroelectric projects, announced today that it has acquired three generation projects totaling just under 5 megawatts (MW) in Vermont.   In addition to two hydroelectric facilities located on the scenic Clyde River, the acquisition includes a 150- kilowatt solar installation.

“Operating and maintaining historical hydroelectric projects so that they can continue to benefit local communities and cleanly power the future is Gravity’s expertise,” said Ted Rose, Gravity Renewables’ CEO. “This acquisition will allow us to do that.”

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Gravity Renewables Grows New England Portfolio with First Acquisitions in Massachusetts

Stockbridge, MA Gravity Renewables, a leading national owner and operator of small hydro projects, announced today that it has acquired two hydroelectric facilities in Western Massachusetts, the Glendale project in Stockbridge, MA and the Texon project in Russell, MA.

Gravity notified the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) of the change in ownership for the Texon facility earlier this week. Relatedly, last month the FERC granted the transfer of the Glendale facility to a Gravity affiliate. Both facilities were previously owned by Littleville Power Company, Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Enel Green Power North America, Inc.

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Gravity Renewables Acquires Hydroelectric Projects in Connecticut and Virginia

Danielson, CT – Gravity Renewables, a leading national owner and operator of small hydro projects, has completed the acquisition of two hydroelectric facilities located in Connecticut and Virginia.  The purchase of the Quinebaug and 5-Mile Project in Connecticut and the Moomaws facility in Virginia adds to Gravity’s growing portfolio.

“These projects are a natural addition to our portfolio,” said Ted Rose, Gravity Renewables’ CEO. “Moomaws, our first purchase in Virginia, strengthens Gravity’s presence in the Southeast, while the Connecticut projects solidify our presence in southern New England.”

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Gravity Renewables announces agreement to develop Compressed Air Energy Storage projects

Boulder, CO – Gravity Renewables, Inc., a growing owner, operator and developer of distributed hydroelectric plants and Hydrostor Inc., a global leader in Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES), announced today that they will jointly develop long-duration utility-scale energy storage projects. As Hydrostor’s regional Preferred Development Partner, Gravity will represent Hydrostor’s Advanced-CAES solution in the New England, New York, and Colorado energy markets.

Hydrostor’s proprietary adiabatic, emission-free technology competes head-to-head with new natural gas plants, while offering significant cost and technological advantages relative to battery solutions for a variety of long-duration, grid-scale applications. These applications include the replacement of fossil fuel “peaker” plants, alleviating transmission congestion and the need for new, costly transmission lines, as well as renewables integration.

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Gravity and City of Binghamton Partner to Explore Development of Hydropower Project

Binghamton, N.Y. — Mayor Richard C. David announced that the City of Binghamton and Gravity Renewables are advancing a hydroelectric project for Rockbottom Dam on the Susquehanna River, initiating engineering studies for construction of a generation facility to provide clean power.

“Rockbottom Dam has long been an important part of our City’s water infrastructure,” said Mayor David. “For decades, people have talked about the concept of hydropower at Rockbottom Dam, but were never able to initiate a plan, let alone complete a project. That changes today. I’ve always believed Rockbottom could do more for the City. We’re harnessing the power of our rivers and investing in renewable energy. Binghamton is fast becoming a national leader utilizing new technology to embrace clean energy and smart green development.”

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Gravity Renewables Expands in New York

Seneca Falls, NY, Sept 1, 2016 – Gravity Renewables, a leading national owner and operator of small hydro projects, has completed its acquisition of the Seneca Falls and Waterloo hydroelectric facilities. The facilities add ten megawatts (MW) to the company’s portfolio and mark the fourth New York-based acquisition in just over three years.   

“The Seneca Falls and Waterloo hydro facilities are a perfect fit for Gravity,” said Ted Rose, Gravity Renewables’ CEO. “Nearly a century old, these facilities deserve to be both preserved for their historical significance and to continue to provide clean power to central New York.”

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Gravity Renewables Acquires First Connecticut Hydro Facility

Griswold, CT – Gravity Renewables, a leading national owner and operator of small hydro projects, has completed its acquisition of the Wyre Wynd Hydroelectric Facility in Jewett City. The 2.78 megawatt (MW) facility on the Quinebaug River has generated clean energy for more than one hundred years.

Duncan Broatch, the former owner of the project and the current chair of the Connecticut Small Power Producers Association, will continue to manage plant operations and assist in a variety of other efforts for Gravity.

“I wanted to join a fantastic small hydro group and Gravity was the clear choice,” said Broatch. “The team is great to work with and I know my plant will be in good hands.”

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New York Power Consortium Extends Contract with Gravity Renewables

The Municipal Electric and Gas Alliance (MEGA) of New York extended its contract with Gravity Renewables, making Gravity the preferred provider of small hydro power through December 31, 2019.

“This partnership, begun in 2014, has allowed municipalities buy predictably priced, locally generated, clean electricity from hydro plants that desperately need their support,” said Ted Rose, CEO of Gravity Renewables.”We look forward to continued work with our MEGA partners for years to come.

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