Gravity Renewables is an independent power producer established in 2013 to own, operate, and develop distributed hydropower projects across the United States. 

Our Story

Hydropower continues to be America’s original and most abundant renewable generation source.  Yet small, community-scale hydropower projects across the country are in need of reinvestment and operational optimization.   Gravity has a portfolio of projects that provides innovative municipalities, institutions and companies with reliable carbon-free hydropower, reinvesting revenue to upgrades and preserve the project.  A revitalized hydropower project will benefit the local economy, community and environment for generations to come.

Our Values

Our strength and success is directly related to the quality of our connections.   Our connection to people, from employees to contractors to visitors and neighbors, drives our unwavering commitment to safety.  Our connection to the rivers where we work drives our commitment to environmental stewardship and being a responsible caretaker of the resources entrusted to us.  Our connection to future generations drives us to be innovative in finding climate solutions.

Our Team

Gravity Renewables managers have over 200 years experience with small hydro and distributed renewable energy projects and project finance.